Displayport MST Limits

I’m planning on getting some more monitors, just curious on how far you can go with MST.

he card running it in question is a AMD Radeon VII.

7 high Res monitors plus an index… Not sure the Radeon 7 will be able to drive that much on its own. You may need a second GPU.

As for MST… I’ve done a 3 way chain but it started to do funny things when I run games. I went back to 2. It may have been cheap cables that did for it though.

7 monitors … are you sure that’s enough to control your secret moon base? How will you keep an eye on the nuclear reactor pressure? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What resolution / refresh rate on all of them? DP version they support?

DisplayPort 1.4 can support 8K UHD (7680 × 4320) at 60 Hz
So assuming all of those are 1.4 DP monitors thats what each port could do.

TLDR the answer is probably yes, but DP cable length etc could become an issue.

EVE Online does funny things to people

Dell 2007FP - 1600x1200, DVI only, needs a compatible adapter
Dell U3011 - 2560x1600, DP 1.1a
Dell U2419H - 1920x1080, DP1.4, Dell’s specs say it can do up to 4 in a daisy chain off one port.

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