Display Projects

Logan and Windel ... mostly Windel I think


I remember in an inbox not too long ago you made a request for video based questions so I went and did that there. 


If your not in the mood for a good high quality front facing camera video that I used the play and pause fuction on here is everything sumed up


1. How much power does your lovely retina disply use and could I power it off usb?


2. How's the 4k project coming along if at all?


3. Any craic over there that you just like to share cause you can?

(craic being the irish for fun - not the stuff you put in a pipe)




If my spelling is shit it's cause I'm shit at spelling, semicolon close bracket 

power off usb should be no issue at all. Actually you can get enough power off of display port for everything but the backlight! The backlight is 12 channel, though, and I'd suggest some kind of pwm controller for this to keep the current through each channel constant. You can run that off of usb certainly, but I think you'll probably need a decent/efficient step-up or pwm to handle it well. 

the 4k project is tricky. The quality of the LCD itself is not that great.. we're really hoping for something more than 30hz at 4k but truthfully no video card/sli combo can go much past 45 fps anyway at this point in time. 

we have some ideas for a 3d printer.. would love to get our hands on a makerbot but it'll be a while before we can afford that. Things like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:127800 would be loads of fun. (its a wearable pi with a heads up display. Imagine if we used something with decent horsepower other than a pi)

we're kind of busy with work and general insanity at the moment. and also pax which is 2 days away. and other general cat herding. 


instead of a makerbot how about a makibox?


Cool, I'll give that a shot soon as I get a few bob together, moving to Canada so don't really have any spare at the moment. I think I'll go with a battery in the monitor and probably like a tinsey3 for a battery indication and the like my progamming is very poor but I do have contacts that'll make it happen. A lot more research needed but now that I know it's possible I'll give it a shot. Might send up a nice update video in the future 


I'll steer clear of the 4k for now so


3d printer would be great, litteraly endless posibilities ... A 3d scanner would be awesome too. 


Is too busy or a nice level of insane busy? need more hands? ... I have 2