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It is no new news that Middle Earth Shadow of War has Loot Boxes. This topic has been covered very well:

Jim Sterling Older but still relevent:

Most recently by Forbes on how this has crossed a line:

Look you buy a game for $60 and it is single player, there should be no Loot Boxes in it at all.

Why is Warner Brothers doing this?

Two Reasons:

  1. The publisher believes the following:

  2. Conditioning:

That’s right by introducing lootboxes into a single player game Warner Brothers is conditioning the buyer of the game to get use it and accept it.

How do we stop this?


Wait even when it is on sale? Correct.

Your money is the only language the publisher understands. Go onto twitter and tell Warner Brothers and Monolith you’re not going buy the game in a civil manner and then don’t buy the game no matter what.

What do you think of the loot boxes in Shadow of War?

Are you going to get the game?


Fuck WarnerBrothers interactive, fuck that game!
Seriously, the big titles (with few exceptions) are all just money grabbing reks anyway. So I will stay with a hand full of indie devs.

I try to stay as far away from those money grabbing scumbags as I can and this is a prime example of all the worst things you can do to a game. I did buy shadow of mordor as goty edition with all the bells and whistles for around 10,- bucks (I think) but this new one… no, fuck’em.

I also have a pretty strict rule about not buying games that are not supporting linux (although I am still making exceptions, mainly older titles on discs, used… but even that less and less). So this game is a “double no” for me.

I’ll wait for the game to get to the open seas, then we’ll see if WB can handle all the scallywags flying the digital Jolly Roger.

Haha, I won’t be buying it. I haven’t finished Shadow of Mordor anyway.

Even with the hard drive space to spare, I am still pissed at Mordors install size.

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Ugh… one of the many reasons I have trouble enjoying modern games. Every title is a slot machine :frowning: I’ve ordered a 1080ti EVGA FTW so I may be getting a ‘free code’; in any case, I wouldn’t purchase this title directly.