Discrete Graphics Card Outputs Don't Work When Using Hybrid Crossfirex

I recently built myself a little computer to use when im at uni. It features the old A8-3870k (i built it just before the new ones came out) and then a HD 6670 upon finding out you could crossfire this with the APU to get a performance boost.


Well the crossfire works most of the time, but when using programs like afterburner i get really odd effects on the graphics. and none of the outputs on the discrete graphics card work.


I know that the graphics card works, and the outputs work because i have tested it without any crossfire, and telling my BIOS that the main GPU is the PCI-E card. but as soon as i switch it to the on board graphics being main (which you have to do for hybrid crossfire) all ports on the 6670 stop working.


Also for some reason when using programs like MSI Kombustor i get a really weird like cross hatch thing going all around the picture. making the image it displays unreadable. but when i play games the picture is absolute perfect.


(i would post a picture, but i couldn't figure it out. sorry im a noob)


This is extremely frustrating as i cant take advantage of either my DVI port or the HDMI port on the Card, and the annoying graphical glitch in MSI kombuster makes fiddling with the GPU clocks aggravating.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


That is normal, hook your monitor to the motherboards graphics port if you are going to use hybrid crossfire, i had to do that on a build from some time back, and it worked like a charm.....