Disable Windows Update - Official Way From Helpdesk

+1 for shutup10, I run windows 10 pro and do this, if you don’t block Microsoft ip’s on the router level however, M$ will push tiny patches to your machine and reenable autoupdates.

The easy way… :slight_smile: I also like to firewall all MS connections directly for a bit more of complexity.

Give this man a nobel prize.

Oh right uh, civil duty.

install libnucks

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Well this likely won’t really help much,
given the fact that MS own gazillion tracking domains nowdays.

There is a lot of them…

True. I can see the large benefit of compartmentalizing windows 10 within a VM and GPU passthrough, launching it only for games and non-private work. I’m still on my i5 4670k however, so I’m very limited in that department.

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I don’t like the way Microsoft does for Windows 10 update, which might get stuck and need spend hours to fix it. I have full control what kind of updates to be applied.

Microsoft does offer a way to update Windows 10,but it is not responsible for the loopholes afterwards,to avoid trouble, you’d better act carefully.

Edit - just realized this was a necro…

This. My issues with windows are the deliberate lack of details, the “our beta testers are the users” mentality, and previously the forced disruptive reboots. But the last thing I want is no updates.

I want updates, for everything.

I have to use windows at work and it installed some new version that I (which don’t have admin rights) can’t turn off focus assistant or alexa (might be cortana or siri whatever)…

The moment the patch was available this wonderful operating system locked up my screen and told me “boi rev up those fryers cause I’m sure gonna update now”… I was startled… shrugged and let the machine do its things and left home 5 min earlier than usual…

Bad distro, wouldn’t recommend.

That’s on your company not Microsoft. Change jobs is the answer.

This module is loading.

Basically this. My IT department delays updates for varying amounts of time for our work computers, to let the general population beta test them first to reveal problems.

I personally just use the LTSC version somehow

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Some rube’s desktop is not a mission critical system; despite their whining.

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According to WinPWD post, you can also disable Windows 10 auto update from Windows Service, Group Policy or simply uninstall the Windows 10 Update Assistant.