Disable Windows Update - Official Way From Helpdesk

I have a 2700x X470 built last week. Today (4/10/2019), a ‘quality’ update corrupted my hard drive, ruined my NIC driver(s), and bunged the indexing/search functions (no more windows key + type). It did manage to reinstall candy crush. Go Go Update Gadget.

I love Linux, but it still isn’t ready for my workflow (and dual NVidia GPUs on an X470 platform driving multiple monitors each). So I’m reinstalling, and asked the nice person at Microsoft how to end updates for good.

Here’s what he said:

  1. Open run box > Type regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE >Policies >Microsoft>Windows > Right click > New > Key> Set name WindowsUpdate ( If it is not there)

  2. Right click WindowsUpdate > click New > Key> set name as AU.

  3. Click on AU key > right click on right empty page > click New > click D-Word (32bit) > name it as NoAutoUpdate.

  4. Click on NoAutoUpdate> setvalue data to 1 to turn off automatic updates (0 is for enable automatic updates).

**Note. You can still use the Windows Updater. Under ‘Windows Update’ a notice will appear that “*Some settings are managed by your organization”. The ‘Check for Updates’ button is still functional and you can manually update whenever you choose to do so.


You can really tell it is the day after around here.


This is a bad idea for all the usual reasons.


I can feel the security patches not being applied already…


I read on Reddit a while back that MS was planning to allow home users to disable updates, didn’t know this past update was the one that would allow it.

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Updates are a good thing. Controlling what updates and when those updates are installed is another discussion.


That thing we use to have ?

Let me admonish the idea that completely locking out updates is a bad idea

I like the chromeos way of doing updates.

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There are controls in Windows 10.

Never experienced it. Is it anything the way Chrome does it?

Not for home users and the fact they are bundling far to much stuff together.

PowerShell isn’t on Windows 10 Home? :thinking:

And if your response is that normal users can’t be bothered with PowerShell, I’d argue normal users wouldn’t know how to disable or stop updates anyway.

Instead of using registry keys you might forget you should use shutup10 so you can have a handy switch to reenable updates quickly and easily.

Running WSUS and making your updates available offline then installing to your target machine would be a more ideal approach, or even just setting your updates to deferred and changing channels to non targeted would probably do wonders for you.

Finally, topics like these are always dangerous and no one should be doing this.

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Normal user is not gonna use powershell… I have never met one.

I completely agree with not having them mucking with the registry either.

I’ve never met a normal user disable updates. Or control them.

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I see the temptation when updates start borking their pcs.


I know back in the day if you were running a professional or enterprise version of windows10,
you were able to edit a group policy that would give you back the same control,
on updates that you have on windows 8.1 and 7.
I don’t think that it would really be a bad idea to give users more control on updates.
I think that one of the main complaints about windows10 are actually the auto updates,
that kick in at any given time.

I would rather have the choice to download and install updates manually,
at a moment that fits me.
So i still like the old ways of doing updates better, just receive a notification that updates are available for download.
I personally don’t like the aggressive way that Microsoft is using to push their agenda.


Yeah, that shit is all disabled from the user’s view in our setup. They have no control over it

Also, if you have time to screen for security patches and manually install them, eff you :grin: haha

If you really have a problem with updates image your computer nightly or something

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I have manual control over updates.
As I remember, its a mix of group policy and settings under updates.
New features updates are delayed 0,5 or 1 year. So its really only security updates i get. And it tells me when they are avaliable for download. Then when I finish what I’m doing, I go to updates, download and install them. Add a reboot for good measure and voila. One freshly security patched w10, with none of ms new features I dont want or need anyway.
It’s a w10 pro license I have, I’m not sure the same can be done on a home version.
But disabling updates completely is a bad idea. You’re gonna have a bad time, mkay.
And no goddamn candy crush :slight_smile:

Another way to to controll updates is to tell Windows not to download on metered connections. Tell it it’s a metered connection. And voiala. It will wait till you tell it to download an update. Or that’s what Insider Preview used to do. Which if I remember correctly is a Pro version.

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