Disable LED RX 6800 XT

How can I turn off the LED of my RX 6800 XT from MSI? I tried using MSI Dragon Center, but as my previous thread shows, that software is literal malware.

I tried downloading the tool from AMD (AMD_RX_6000_RGB_LED v1.26) but that only tells me to plug in my AMD device. The card is a Msi Gaming X Trio.

It seems like the LED’s are fixed to the PCB itself since I can’t find any wires to disconnect.

Black electricians tape over them?


Those 6 LED’s are SMD, so yeah they can’t be easily removed. If the light annoys you, install the GPU in another system, install the software, turn off the lights, and then burn that system.

Or use black electrical tape, as Maze suggested.

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Thought about it, but afraid it will leave a lot of residues if I remove it due to RMA or something :thinking:

Will try to find a suitable tape - thanks for the advice!

If you are afraid of residue, use a thick stack of blue painters tape.

as a 2000 chevy blazer driver, I second this

For my motherboard, also MSi, I installed the dragon centre just to set the LEDs to static and then uninstalled it. It saved the setting, did it revert back your you after uninstall?

Could take the shroud off and put tape under them so as not to be really ugly.

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