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Go get it everyone. Quite a fun arcade style racer. Not really a Dirt game but fun. It looks good too and yhenonline is good enough.

Bump and thanks for sharing.

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Not what I would call a "great" game, but a really fun game to play with friends and a blast to spend a few hours on.

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I got it, played through the story a bit. After the head to head bit I put it down because I had no idea what it was asking me to do. I did the donuts etc. but I always missed something.

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Thanks for link bro.

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wait.... so is this dirt3 but only the showdown parts?

What exactly IS dirt-showdown?

Ill let you know in 2 hours cause Australian internet.... But it supports linux so thumbs up for that :)

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Yea, saw that. I already have dirt 2, 3 but neither run on linux :(

Stoked if this one is good...

Itnis more destruction derby, gymkhana, light lap based rally and head to head sprints. Arcade racing.

Imagine a redbull event in a stadium that sort of stuff with rally cars.

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Oh, I don't think I'll enjoy it then. :(

What I like is the uphill or downhill rally.

Neither. Closed circuit with crowds and fireworks. Sometimes snow tracks sometimes dirt. Really cross I think but not sure of names of what they entail. Fun for a free game.

yea, I already grabbed a key. I won't install it though.

thanks for the heads-up!