Dirt 3 complete FREE


just thought you all would like to nkow
DiRT 3 Complete Edition is
FREE for a limited time




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DiRT2 is still one of my favorites that I play often. It strikes the perfect balance between a fun arcade game and a challenging simulator. The current DiRT Rally is a too hard, accurate simulator and no fun. I thought DiRT3 was a little more arcade than DiRT2 and I REALLY REALLY love 2, so I never bought 3.

I really liked this promo video and the music soundtrack.
"New Cities (Featuring Kiki Hitomi)" - Performed by Starkey and Kiki Hitomi

edit: Installed and Tested.

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I have to agree with you about DiRT 2. Was the first game of the series that I played, so I could be riding the nostalgia train, but the driving physics were probably the best in the series. Like you said, it reached a good balance between arcade and challenging.

It's a shame that it's tied into GFWL on PC. If only Codemasters could make a Complete Edition like they did with DiRT 3, to get rid of the DRM (Well, swap it to Steam's DRM).

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This was a fun game.

Though, honestly I wish they did more uphill / rally stuff and took a chill-pill on the stunt / arena stuff.

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"keys are temporarily exhausted for this product"

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Forgot to thank you for the heads up, I did download it thankfully a few hours ago. Thanks again @KuramaKitsune

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Right on

I thought the complete edition was the steam edition.

It's just a steam code, dude... You just buy it from different place...

You feel Dirt Rally is too hard? I feel its difficulty is very appropriate, and thats why its fun (for me, at least). Its for sure a game where you need a racing wheel, where other games in the series I could do really well with a controller. Definitely agree that Dirt 2 was the best in the series though, I was really hoping that Trail-blazer events would make a comeback in Rally.

then make a mod

Not my forte

Thank you, good sir free games are always welcome =)

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hmm. just got mine

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Thanks a bunch.

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It worked eventually. I guess people have been helping themselves to codes faster than it can dish them out haha

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FYI it works on WINE for Linux perfectly. If you have an AMD card running opensource drivers you can enable Gallium9 and get even higher performance.