DirectX 9 vs 11 in SLI/Crossfire


So I think I noticed a pattern when looking at games. I notice that all of my DX9 (Skyrim and Cube World, etc.) games tend to suck at Crossfire, while all of my DX11 games tend to rock at Crossfire. (IE better scalability and less glitches.) It's just a thought, but does anyone else seem to notice this while they are gaming?

I don't think you are wrong because DirectX 11 gives more hardware access that should have been on DirectX 9. Microsoft being the "planned obsolescence" king decided they didn't want developers to have absolute direct access to graphics hardware. This creates an excellerated false graphics hardware race. This forced GPU manufacturers to impove their hardware to pick up the slack from DirectX APIs that dont give full access to the already powerful hardware.

when I get my second 7970 I shall put this to the test :P

I honestly hope developers start using OpenGL for creating video games. Its easier to use and since v4.1 with the correct SDK libraries you can gain direct hardware level access to the GPU. The only reason why game developers are stuck on this DirectX API nonsense is because of the xbox consoles using it and Microsoft pays people to develop for their console.

That would be wonderful. I would like to know the results of your tests.

That is what I have been seeing in the DirectX SDK. (I've started looking at DirectX and OpenGL with programming in C++.) I'm thinking that your perspective is the right one to take on it. I do wish that modern games, if made in DirectX, are made with DirectX 11.

That is something I didn't know about. I think I am going to give OpenGL a better chance when I am programming. I thought that it still restricted you, but if it doesn't anymore this really improves my opinion on it.