Dinner Ideas

I was wondering, does anyone have some good ideas for a dinner that is sort of healthy. I have been eating the same mix of foods for 7 years, but my parents said if I can come up with something I can cook it.

What do you usually eat? What do you like eating? (Base foods eg, types of meat etc)

For the meats we either have pork, chicken, or beef, and we have a green food (Spinach, peas and things like that), and beans and rice or potatoes. Its usually a mix of 3 foods. I don't really mind what it is as long as its no anything from the sea.

Haha damn. I don't think you can really get any healthier than those foods you mentioned. Just based off what you said though.

You should make pulled pork jacket potatoes with some type of spinach filling.

Marinate some pork in a sauce of your choice. I dunno like BBQ or chili sauce or some shit, what ever is available, preferable in a slow cooker. After its cooked pull the pork... Obviously.

Bake some potatoes in the oven.

Make some kind of vegetable filling.

Take potatoes out of oven, cut down the middle like a bread roll. Fill with pulled pork and vegetable filling. BAM. Also maybe grill the outside of the potatoes to get a crispy finish.

I don't know why I explained how to make jacket potatoes but I feel like its a thing people might not know about.

I now also know what I'm making for dinner tonight.

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I am gonna try that out

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Let me know how it goes.

Scotch eggs

Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!

I said dinner

Just because they're the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast doesn't mean you can't have them for dinner too... I mean, have you not ever had toast for dinner? I've had toast for dinner... and breakfast. Although not the same piece of toast.

One that I often use that can be chopped and changed to make a variety of dishes. It's like a Victoria Sponge of chicken.

  1. Butterfly a chicken breast and cut it into small pieces.
  2. Heat about a tablespoon of olive oil with half a teaspoon of butter in a pan. The oil will cook the chicken, the butter will make it nice and brown.
  3. When the chicken just turns white, add vegetables of preference. Onions and peppers go well with this to name just two. Salt, pepper, herbs and/or spices and garlic go in here.
  4. Once the ingredients are browned, add chicken stock and/or white wine for a creamy sauce or passata for a tomato sauce. The quantity depends on how thick you like your sauces. Start cooking the pasta at this point if you're using dry pasta.
  5. Let the liquid in the pan reduce and moisten the contents. Once reduced to taste, add double cream and (optional) cheese of choice to thicken. Cover and turn down to a simmer.
  6. Once the pasta is cooked to slightly al dante, drain, add a touch of olive oil, stir well then add the chicken and sauce. Mix well and serve.

Don't like the pan approach?

  1. Place two full chicken breasts in an oven dish. Add a slice of cheese on top then wrap the whole thing in parma ham. Add white wine and/or chicken stock, one teaspoon of butter, salt, pepper, garlic and herbs (e.g.: Italian Seasoning) and/or spices to taste.
  2. Cover with aluminium foil and cook in the oven for 40-45min at 180°C (~350°F)
  3. Remove the foil and cook again for 5-10min (or until the chicken has browned).
  4. For a creamy sauce, remove the chicken, place the pan on a medium heat on the hob and add cream and optionally) cheese. Reduce to desired thickness and serve with the chicken.

They go equally well with potatoes.

Well, some weekends we have hamburgers and other BBQ'ed food so chances are my parents won't let me cook that.

It was a pulp fiction reference...

Just buy a royale w/cheese

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Cook some Shish-kabob on the grill. With rice on the side, also have some ginger sauce to dip. I recommend this recipe.

Im bad at references

I didn't make the jacket potatoes but I did make the pork, It was very tasty. I will try out the potato part next time I cook

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Will try that some time

Sounds simple enough, will try

Good to know. It's got good flavor, just make sure you baste it properly. For some reason I keep letting my dad cook things on the grill, the man has no clue what basting is for, let alone how to operate a webber grill.