Digital Ocean

An insane website if you wanna learn how to handle servers, has great guides, most are even better and thought me more then some professors at my local college and it has a great referral program.

Here is my referral link:

If you join via any referral you get 10$, and the lowest monthly server cost is 5$, which gets you 512M of RAM, 20GB SSD (yes all their servers run on SSD's) and a 1 core CPU, which is plenty for a start and enough to mess around with ^^
Their servers are almost always up and feature the best control panel I have yet seen with the possibility to do snapshots. Its really nicely built and its a great gateway into Linux and Networking in my opinion ^^

Happy learning :D

Be wary of the default amount of inodes if you have a crapload of files. We use Digital Ocean at my workplace and, despite having several gigabytes of space left, the quantity of inodes is crap. It can be amended, I'm just pointing out the default settings. Good service overall.

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Thanks for the info ^^ I still don't have much files on it, learning the basic configuration, but I will keep this in mind once I mess around with it a bit more :)

Man I love DO! If your a student, go to verify your a student, you get $100 credit to them


WOAH WOAH and WOAH, I had no idea about this, made an application and I am hoping they accept non US colleges :D Thanks a lot :))

not sure if they do but hey if it works out. i claimed my credit, thats how i fund my DO servers XD

Man... 100$, that is insane, that can keep me running for almost 2 years :D

I thought so too until my MySQL server kept crashing due to a lack of RAM so I upgraded to the $10 plan relatively quickly.

i tossed a few bucks at it from paypal to verify the account

and what you are doing will definitely effect how long you can run on them. but even so $10 a month is still almost a year worth of service. i use it mostly for small test projects so i create a droplet then delete it. i do need to get one started though that will be more permanent as i intend to use it for distributing updates to a piece of software i wrote

I know this might be basic and stupid, but did you add a swap file? And if you did how come it didn't help?

I wouldn't call this a 'Linux - Tutorial/Guide' @Rockeer.

Add the setup of a Linux server on Digital Ocean to your post so it is :P

Well I didn't find any better place where to place it :/

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That would seem smarter :D Well if any1 can move it there I would be grateful :)

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