Digital eBook Distribution Help

Hello yet again. I had been through the copyright registration process and left successful. Now all I need is help deciding which company(Ex: PayPal) I should use for the digital distribution of my ebook. It is .pdf format of course. But I'm not too sure where to go with this one. I'm new to this "home business" type thing and need a platform I can both trust and not suffer from some tremendous service fee or fund cut. All feedback is appreciated.

You could always sell it yourself on kickstarter or a website like that.


You could always sell it yourself on kickstarter or a website like that.


Kickstarter is more of a funding platform than an already working title distribution place.


I will most likely be using Google Checkout. Looks like I'm going to my bank to make another account.

Amazon and Barnes and Noble is the way to go when it comes to e-book distribution

I checked both Amazon and B&N. They charge more per purchase and deduct more profit than Google Checkout. I'd slowly be losing money.

I am pretty sure Amazon would be the best just because so many people would have access to it so quickly. I would never recommend google checkout to anyone.

I am not sure how you would be losing money on your book overtime it is not like you have to create more of the same book you have one copy and everyone downloads that copy which means once you have it ready to distribute you can only make money unless you spend money on advertising and other things.

I cannot use Amazon for selling my own items because I need to set up a professional seller account which required a $40 monthly fee. And I currently have no extra cash to utilize that plan.

Wait are you looking for a distributer or payment prosessor? Anyways check out the Ubuntu Software Center...

Both a digital distributor and payment processor.