Difference between AM3 (700) and AM3 (800)

So I'm thinking about getting a Phenom II X6 sometime soon, and I was looking at the motherboards, this would be my first AMD motherboard and I'm confused at what's the difference between the AM3 (700) and AM3 (800)?Â

It's either that or wait a little while longer until I have a bit of extra money and get an i7, which do you think would be better?Â


You're using ATi graphics right?

the socket isnt any different its just the North Bridge. 790X boards perform really well for their price, the 800 series boards get a bit expensive.

Yeah, I'm using ATI HD4870.

In that case, definitely go with AMD/ATi, get this.


And any of the X6 CPUs

Okies, thanks a lot guys.

Edit: the 2.8Ghz Phenom is £166, and the 3.2Ghz is £246, is the .4ghz really worth £80 more? :s

Nope, unless it's Black Edition. Always go for Black Edition.

Get the Phenom 6core with a Asus Crosshair 4 Formula Motherboard you cant go wrong.

790 series is no out of box compatible with a Phenom x6 so you're going to need a spare AM2+ cpu to upgrade the bios. 890series is out of box compatible and has USB3.

Ohhh right, thanks for the heads up.

The only real differences between them is the support for Thuban out of the box and native Sata 3 (6gbps).

You get 6 native Sata 3 ports and I believe some are including more with another chip. You also get USB3 on the new boards as well, but not natively.
Not sure if there is any real diferences between northbridges though...

Oh and the 800 series will support Bulldozer