Did You Know? (Linux Thread, Stay ON T)

Hi Tek Syndicate

Imo we need a "Did You Know? Linux Thread.

So ill go first.

Did you know that when you delete something on your smartphone, it stays in your phone non-visible when connected to Windows, but visible in linux?

(Im not talking about a thumbnail here, its the actual file, may be in some other format though)


Did you know that when you have a dual booting Windows/Linux machine and put windows to sleep it breaks the automount of windowses used partitions since the NTFS partition is not "closed" correctly. Linux going to sleep lets windows use the NTFS partitions just fine.

If you're on Android you might want to consider Secure Delete.

Developer text: "The application is to delete private files forever. It is suitable for users who are going to sell their Android phones"

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.peterhohsy.securedelete

did you know linux CAN run on an 8 bit microcontroller?

it takes hours to days to boot.

did you know that i don't know.

Command to securely delete a file in Linux (Non-SSD):

dd if=/dev/urandom of=file_to_delete.bin count=7

What it does is overwrite every byte of the file with bytes drawn from urandom which is a "file" that outputs pseudorandomness. I have to guess but count=7 should mean seven times.

You cannot use this on a SSD (as stated correctly) because a SSD decides for itself where it will put the data you tell it to write to disk. Securely deleting a harddrive is achieved by either overwriting the drive severeal times with whatever you like or with physical destruction of the media. Oftentimes this is done by drilling into the drive with a powerdrill. Destruction of the flash chips on an SSD serves the same purpose.

Did you know you can add aliases for commands to /home/username/.bashrc?

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Did you know that by adding 'ILoveCandy' to your pacman.conf (/etc/pacman.conf) under misc options Pacman will be displayed whilst refreshing repos, installing software, etc...

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To display your proccessor's max frequency (useful for overclockers):

Did you know mprime can be used for stress testing under Linux and itself is based off of P95?

http://www.mersenne.org/ftp_root/gimps/p95v285.linux64.tar.gz (link to version 28.5)

Extract the archive, and then in a terminal cd into the directory that includes mprime, then execute it by typing ./mprime.

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Did you know that you can run programs sandboxed using SELinux:


Did you know that *BSD and linux, although from different codebases and with different histories, often "share"/"steal"/"cross pollinate" with eachother, often taking all sorts of ideas and even code from eachother and putting them into their various repos and even the core of the distros? There is a lot of fragmentation and duplicated work, but not all of it is such, and each one can and often does enrich all of the others.

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Did YOU know that *BSD has something called jails which is like a mega sandbox? :)


Did you know that you can download and install Gnome Shell Extensions from the command line.

No I didn't that's cool! O.O