Did M$ just shoot themselfs in the foot?

So obviously i run M$ windows on my gaming rig here at home.
With creators update which i was just forcefed by microsoft, came the whole linus on windows thang, so i figured id fart around abit with this feature, easy to get running and all that takes a good 10-15 minutes and your’e up and running.
Now heres abit of back story of me, i detest M$ i mean i refuse to pay for their idiot product, no way im gonna shell out 100-120 bucks to be a data product, in my world i use their OS because they have a IP on DirectX pretty much., so im the kind of person who endure their retarded watermark and just use their OS for free, and reinstall once updates runs out.
But enough, and back to the farting around, i figured id try out the whole bash in windows, i installed a X-server in windows to get some of that sweet linux gui, exported DISPLAY=:0 etc. Now here is where it becomes interresting.
Figured id try virtualbox just for starters, and installed it, AND it turns out, the whole “hey you didn’t pay, so we will only allow 1 core pr. vm” that doesnt matter here ;). So it dawned on me, i have everything they turned off for not paying the stupid premium to be a “member”/product of microsoft, i means everything ranging from remote desktop to kvx, it is right here, albeit it does take up an additional 500mb-1GB of storage, but really 1gig vs. 120 bucks, is kind of a no brainer.