Did i get a good deal or did i spend bad money? q6600 upgrading

So i-am really feeling like upgrading my q6600 @3,7ghz but i-am on a very tight budget.
So i already changed out my Cpu cooler from a WB5 waterblock (775 and older) to an Alpenfoehn Himalaya 2.
wich didn't quite fit into my case, see this topic https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/how-to-bulge-side-panel-to-fit-big-cooler-finished-w-pictures/87182/40

thats why i also bought an Asus Z87-K motherboard for 37,- euro's (with shipping)
did i get a good deal or?
when that arrives i'll only need a LGA1150 CPU and i-am done :D
the cheap celeron dual core's would almost beat my Q6600 at 3,7ghz right?

(also i'd love to finally be able to use the usb 3.0 ports in the front of my case haha)

Define cheap...?

If you are looking at the Celeron, look at the G3258 instead. OC capable, and not really a weak pos like some people make it seem.

Yes i will however i-am a bit scared to go back to 2 cores again

well switching from socket 775 platform to a 1150 platform is definitely a good idea.
Just safe a few bucks and trow a locked i5 on it, or a 4670K if you can afford.

An i3 might also be an option. There's some cheap hyperthreaded dual core ones.

g3258 anniversary may be a good bet if you can afford it. i saw a massive performance jump going from lga 775 to a lga 1150 although i had a better budget and was able to get a 4690k. if you can get a i5 it would be well worth the upgrade.

well however i agree with you, throwing a locked i5 in there i will lose a few bucks instead of saving them.
as i said i-am on a low budget (hence the 37,- motherboard)

Yes thats a good idea, if i can find one for cheaps (used)

I-am hoping to get enough money for my current cpu and motherboard to buy a G3258 but it will be tight i think

Patience pays off man. If you can save some more money and get the cheapest Haswell i5 like the 4440 or refresh i5-4460 you'll see a massive performance increase.

yeah i know, but i've been waiting for atleast a year to upgrade and now i finally have a motherboard and a compatible Cpu cooler.
I really like to push trough and get a cpu to ditch my q6600.
i-am planning on buying the g3258 to keep using my pc and after that start saving for a I5 cpu or higher.

btw i lost my job and i still go to school so .. yah not much saving right now haha

Before you do that make sure that you can't find a used i5 for the similar price as the new G3258. There are good deals out there. Someone might even be willing to trade you their i5 for your Q6600+some more money. Don't just buy something before you've explored all of your options.

i waited for a year aswell. the i5 would be a very good bet honestly. 4 cores is really awesome. i went from a 2.3ghz q8200 which is probably alot worse than your q6600 but if you can wait or find an i5 it will be well worth your while :) how about the rest of your pc? will you be upgrading that too?

Still dunno what your budget is, but I built a fairly solid rig for 250 USD. A rig that I could use as my main rig, provided that I don't mind long rendering times and long ass encoding times. It'd be an improvement over your Q6600 regardless.

For gaming, as long as you aren't playing those games that require 4 threads, you should be fine. I did some game benchmarks, not a complete one since I don't own many of the games people tend to use for benching. But OCing the G3258, which is easy as hell, gives you something that is powerful enough for Prime95 to be running full blast and for the user (me) to browse the internet and actually forget that I was stress testing.

how far did you manage to push your g3258? and its the anniversary devils canyon version right? @VXAce

letting us know your budget would help :) @Fawkes

yes i was looking into that, however i-am not able to find those deals yet,
I-am going to put my q6600 and mobo online in a few moments and see if someone might want to do that.

I really don't want to wait any more hahaha i-am done with the DEAD 775 socket and its outdated components..
(not even usb 3.0) good thing i already have 8GB DDR3 in my 775 system so no need to upgrade that.
and my psu is also very new so no need to upgrade and i'll just save up for a better gpu (my 7850 is still holding up fine)

@VXAce @waqaskhan
What i get for my Q6600 and Motherboard is my budget (with maybe 20,- Euro's extra)

ah ok :) so i would say something around 90 euros? maybe a little over 100.

i'd probaly get between 40 and 60 euro's for the mobo and cpu and i can spend about 10 to 20 euro's

It has been a while since I've seen the computer (in my dorm without it atm ;_;), according to my randomly typed notes, I was testing a [email protected] I think I got that one stable? And yes, it was anniversary.

The thread for my build

So very little money... I can't see you selling that for very much...

yeah will probably be hard indeed.
Maybe he could find a used i5 haswell 1.0 chip for arround €100,- wenn lucky.

@VXAce yeah i won't get much for it
@MisteryAngel if i-am very lucky i might ;) but atleast i have a chance of upgrading in the future wich is fun (to me)

his mobo is lga 1150 so his best bet would be g3258