Did I buy a terrible monitor?

It's an insignia roku 50" 4k tv model: NS-50DR710NA17

it was 500$ at bestbuy

I can't tell if I'm just being a snob or not , but I'm getting color banding on basically everything. I can't tell if I'm just noticing it more and everything really does have color banding , or if the display just sucks. Forexample this imagine has lots of color banding for me

It looks like as if my color depth was 24bit rather than 32. I have another regular dvi monitor connected and that one also shows the banding as well so maybe I'm just crazy and expecting too much. Although when I watch youtube in 4k , I can see color banding in shots of the sky and so on. It's almost like every image / video I looks at has tons of compression , maybe they do?

Color banding is VERY typical of tv grade displays.

I would also be interested to know what type of monitors people consider to be good from 24" upwards...

Price / Performance details would also be great to know, so many types out there it can be a hard on a budget to pick a good one, I tend to be a bit brand loyal sometimes with these things.

I'm getting the benq 144hrz free sync TN panel and it sits at 27 inches

Having tried a bunch the answer is not many.

Speaking of panel banding.
One of the really annoying things about Nvidia is that there cards support 10bit and so does my panel, but the drivers lock it out unless you get one of their Quadro range of cards.. it is literally just a line of code. Im going team red next time.

This is kinda funny, obviously this guy has poor reading skills.


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@emosun if you are not happy with it after tinkering with it return it. Simple as that.