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To hop on the trend and also contribute to the forum outside of Lounging and lurking, I’ve decided to start a thread on my daily projects at work and anything else relevant to the forum that some may find interesting. I basically manage and do the grunt work for an MSP (Managed Services Provider). I’ll be sharing networking projects, server stuff, and maybe a little bit of me fumbling around with Linux.

I started out as a PC gamer when I was a kid, got into PC building at around 13 years old (my gaming computer sucks though, so don’t expect any porn of that sort.) A few twists and turns and a college drop out later, here I am! I have been doing this stuff for 3 years now, so if you are looking for an expert, that’s not me :grin:

To start, today I’m setting up a USG, UniFi switch, and AP AC Pro for a small law firm in New Orleans. Eager to test out the built in IPS feature, this is my first time going with the UniFi line of switches and routers. Will be going in a pretty white Tripp-Lite rack that I’ll be installing in their suite on Monday along with setting up their workstations and pulling new cabling for the suite. Sort of a small scale project (3 person office for now) but I thought it would be cool to post nonetheless.

The workstations are Dell Optiplex 9020s. i5-4590S, 8GB RAM, and 512GB SSDs. They should be quite pleased as their current PCs are white dog shit.


This is all just in my little test rack I mounted on my desk for this purpose (built the desk too, I should post some good pics of them).


Interesting to note, the USG warns that throughput is limited to 85Mbps with IPS enabled, but I was able to get our full 100Mb download speed through it. Though that could be because it has next to zero load on it right now.


Do all D-Link switches look the same except for the number of ports and position of the status Leds?

I worked with a DGS-1224T yesterday and it is basically the same:

I’m not sure honestly, I haven’t seen many in the wild. This thing was reclaimed from a customer after some upgrades - I wouldn’t buy anything from D-Link lol

In case anyone was wondering what that huge empty wall was for


Using a projector in a non dark room. What a mad lad.

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I know, no blinds. It’s good enough for when I wanna show somebody something without them having to get up tho. It’s not that bad in the afternoon


View from the other side. 150 yo building but we make it work


What amplifier is that on the white bookshelf?

Glare sucks but this is our prized possession. John Daly mid swing, cig in mouth, autographed. Met him at Hooter’s in Augusta


Chilling in uptown Nola tonight and tomorrow. Cinco is my my birthday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: will suck driving back to Baton Rouge Sunday night and then back to NO Monday morning :roll_eyes:

So spent 11 hours yesterday just getting the rack up and the ISP equipment in. Had to pull all cabling from another suite and re-punch (they put up a wall to make two separate suites). Due to labor costs being much higher than expected, we won’t be using the UniFi gear (yet, at least) :pensive:

ISP put the fiber in the wrong spot and the electrician didn’t put the outlet for the rack in yet so that’s why the power cable is hanging down. Phone is also in there just for testing.

Still think it came out nice though. Place has a pretty cool view for what it is. Canal Street!