Diagnosing a Motherboard?

I have recently ran into some trouble with a power supply that I had to RMA twice and finely just got a refund on. the last time i had the things plugged in I started to smell something burning. I frantically turned my computer off but ever since then I have been having weird issues. crashes, glitches, bsods, slowdowns, 98% ram usage when not running anything,etc etc what do you guys think I should do to find the problem? :s


can power supplies damage components like that?

it should be fairly easy to disassemble the computer and look for bulging caps, burn marks, etc on the motherboard itself.

run cmd as admin, and use the command sfc /scannow. but first, run chkdsk /f c: in cmd (as admin)

chkdsk will schedule a disc check on next boot, checks for bad sectors and such.

If he smelled burning components I think a chkdsk should be the least of his concerns at the moment lol... just saying

First comment from Little Froto is what you should do. To answer  last question, yes, yes power supplies can damage other hardware and cause fires and totally fry everything. It's why I can't stress enough get a reliable branded power supply.