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Diablo: Immortal... Not What We Were Expecting


Yeah, I’m moving further and further away from it.


By telling people “what you care about isn’t important”? :wink:


You know how they could have avoided all of that?
They are reskining existing game anyway. Just use different art and start entirely new franchise. You won’t piece off Diablo fans, cause you aren’t basterdising their beloved game series, the mobile crowd would check it anyways, another game from the hearthstone guys, so they will… It’s literally win win… But no, we want that brand recognition, so we will name it Diablo and reveal it infront of our most rabid fans…


I dont give flying fuck of any mobile game :weary:


I have no stake in this thing, but I find this sort of thing to be extremely funny where people [not necessarily the one being quoted] swear up up down down left right left right that they will NEVVVVVVVVVVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR buy a game/product from X company/publisher again. Ever. Ever ever ever.
They might come out with something interesting next time, and then you’ll have to task the dog with finding that knee joint that you expelled at warp 9 by making a life-long decision over one incident.


At the end of the day they are games like any other product. It certainly isn’t a life altering decision. For similar reasons I don’t buy devices from Huawei (locked bootloader’s after promising us as developers that they would continue to support modifications). It’s a little thing called self restraint.


It’s your money. I’m pointing out I never understood people who make it a point to publicly state how they’re never ever ever ever going to buy/use anything from a company EVER EVER unless it’s under circumstances where such a reaction is reasonable. Ie in 2006 both my Seagate external hard drives failed, costing me a lot of data. Now I don’t buy Seagate products because I have learned they’re shitty for lifespan. BUT, if Seagate started making reliable products, I would buy them.

By your logic, if Blizzard do, at some point in the future, release something you’re interested in, OOPS. You can’t buy it, because you’ve publicly sworn off buying their products, thus needlessly depriving yourself of a good experience because you didn’t just evaluate the products case by case.

Another example: I love Fallout. Fallout 3 came out when I was rather depressed about my life, and it was a very nice way to help me along. I love New Vegas, I preordered Fallout 4, and I preordered Fallout 76. I haven’t had a chance to play 76 yet, but everyone is saying it’s awful. If I do not like Fallout 76, I will not claim that Bethesda has “ruined” Fallout, and swear off Bethesda games FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER, I will simply not play Fallout 76.

I’m just amused that people kneejerk to everything so hard nowadays, when they could simply be less extreme. The all or nothing attitude is so pervasive now that whenever I see it, I have to wonder whether people are thinking critically.


We had runic games :sob:

The latest little game they did was pretty good. I only played the first Torchlight, but it wasn’t bad at all. Still the same great music, and the pets ruled.

I wonder what happened at Blizz that made them get bought out like that. They were sitting on gaming’s biggest cash cow for 10 years or so.

Back on topic, my initial thoughts where “this could be fun”. Is that denial kicking in? I probably wont be playing it though. I will reserve judgement on D4 until its been out.
D2 and D3 were both games that both got 100% better years after release with updates.


At least Blizzard can still be salvaged.
Unlike Bethesda.


Someone smugly said that if people didn’t buy loot crates, there wouldn’t be loot crates. Fair statement.

Best we can hope is they do a PC game now and then. But if the mobile game earns an order of magnitude more money, you can bet where the development focus will be.

it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes, people want mobile versions of games and companies refuse to do it for the longest time. Nintendo being the example with Super Mario Run. Not sure how well it did, I don’t think it broke records. There hasn’t been a flood of other mobile games from them… It’s all very strange.

How can we save Blizzard? By not buying the mobile game? I’m in.


What you mean? Didn’t they releas HOB a few months ago?


That was it. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough.


I Googled it… They released HOB and died. WTF… They should have just released Torchlight 3… Would have made way more money…


I did some more reading… It is pretty complex. As I understand it, a company bought a majority stake in runic and tried to focus more on games as a service. A bunch of people left to form other studios. They finished up Hob and that was it.

Echtra is the first offshoot and they are making a new Torchlight game. A free to play game as a service.

The faction who didn’t want to make games as a service formed Monster Squad Games. If I am reading it right.


Well fuck man. Sorry for being proud. We are who we are. Deal with it. It’s as dumb as being concerned with me wishing people a Merry Christmas instead of saying Happy Holidays or anything else for that matter. I get your point but don’t let it twist your panties in a knot to the point where you feel the need to call everyone else out on it.

Truth of the matter is… It’s my fucking money.


You could not have missed my point more. Oh well, best of luck in your boycott.



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