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Diablo: Immortal... Not What We Were Expecting


Wow… I just heard about this. Blizzard is getting real life “REKT” right now.

Apparently, the majority of Diablo fans were expecting a Diablo 3 sequel on PC. Instead, what they got during the a Blizzard convention announcement was a Diablo MMORPG for Android and iOS.

One fan asked if this was an early April Fool’s joke (at the 1:40 mark):

Another asked if there is going to be a PC release, to which the response from Blizzard was “DO YOU GUYS NOT HAVE PHONES?!”

Yes, Blizzard, we have phones. But we don’t want to use them for quite possibly the most popular Hack n Slash RPG of our lifetime, you pretentious prick.

Others have mentioned the insane backlash.

The cinematic trailer has 25 times more dislikes than likes:

Their stock prices fell a bit after the announcement, too.

What were they thinking? Seriously? Are PUBG and Fortnite “that good” on mobile? Has the mobile gaming experience changed dramatically over the last few years? I know people play games on mobile, but I thought the caliber and quality was significantly diminished compared to something like Diablo or Baldur’s Gate, even.

Their response and fluster seems to be a bigger indication of their surprise at the fan reaction.


Oh. This trainwreck have been going for weeks now…

It’s hilarious…

That is after they removed it and uploaded it again… So they have removed a few thousand extra dislikes…


Well, I don’t think I will ever play a game on my phone beside snake. I am quite confused about all the mobile gaming hype.



That first video is gold. He’s got a new fan :rofl:

“Double down on the contentiousness by screaming at the audience about phones…”

I’m dying.


Yeah, a bit old news by now but … yeah.


Brevik fired some shots recently as well and he does have a point. The remains of blizzard as we knew it are thrown out bit by bit. As someone who played some of their games for over 20 years now it is truly sad to see what is happening.


He is on the co-optional podcast next week as far as I know so that might be worth checking out. Though for me it is his scripted content that stands out more than anything else.

Thank god for him.


Wow, you just heard about it? Were you on vacation in an area with no internet? This was blowing up last week.


Nope. This is activision thinking that they own the blizzard crowd now. Seems blizzard will let them think so too. Either blizzard will drag activision down or they’ll have to push them off.


AFAIK Activision owns blizzard’s ass… So Blizzard don’t really have a saying. But on the other hand we have Runic games or whatever the torchlight guys were. They are ex Blizzard people who left as soon as Activision started doing shit…


Going to be honest… I didn’t care for Diablo or Diablo 3, but 2 was a fantastic game.

Honestly, they sort of ruined the franchise starting with 3 over the whole market controversy. Sad to see them fail as they did influence the genre a crap ton. Won’t buy another game from Blizzard. A whole of bunch of dicks…

If the next TES game was mobile only I’d be pretty pissed too after 13 years of following everything.


True. but with reaper of souls it became a completely different game. But yeah, the damage was already done.


Been also seeing and hearing these mobiles being popular for pretty long time, and but it doesnt add up, like even the best mobile apps are pretty shit and frustrating

It seems to me that what normies do is basically replacing facebook and candy crush with alternative apps, then its heavy youtube use
Pussy - tetris - vlog


I just heard about it too. Because it’s not important. :man_shrugging:

The “this isn’t what I wanted so you should die” outrage machine strikes again I guess (not saying you, but generally this sort of thing just keeps happening).


Let me give you the short version then: The Blizzard fanbase is mostly PC gamers, the hardcore Diablo fanbase almost exclusively PC. So Blizz is inviting that fanbase to their con and sets a schedule for a big diablo announcement.

And then they ask the crowd “do you not have phones?”

After that is over they also talk about a shift and that many top devs from the core games are now doing mobile shit.


Oh I watched the videos (lazy Saturday morning here). I was a massive Diablo fan up until the 3rd one, which I haven’t played in years now because it wasn’t up to snuff. I was disappointed, but hardly angry. There’s no use in being angry. Just don’t buy it, right?

Learn 'em with your (lack of) dollars.


Wrong… The popular mobile games are shit and frustrating. The good apps are actually good.
Look your loot is amazingly simple and cool dungeon crawler card game. Not what you expect.
The night of the full moon is cool RPG deck builder. Much better than expected and full of content.
I still play Starlink after 3 years. 3 years of the same game…
As much as I dislike Bethesda, Fallout Shelter is actually pretty cool game after couple years of development.

The thing is, Blizzard is using another mobile game as a template and just reskin it as Diablo, and that template is known to be money grab exploitative bulshit… So there’s the difference. Bethesda made their own game, Blizzard reskined existing shit moneygrab… .


If you bought tickets, paid for the hotel, travel and everything and then you get to hear “u no have phone?”, you would be angry too.


I’m not that much a fanboy though, and frankly don’t understand when people are. Seems overly tribalistic, like sports teams.

Edit: I should note I’m mainly referencing the internet outrage. I have no problem with people in the Q&A asking smartass questions.


Well, blowing shit up is what the internet does. And in this case I’m with Jim: It’s funny.


Blizzard wants that easy mobile money but they don’t realize the type of games people actually play on mobile, either they haven’t bothered to check the top grossing list on Google play at all or they are stupid enough to think people wanna play on a tiny screen for hours on end