Diablo has a new CD


Their new CD is called Icaros.

It is a strange thing that I like this band. I don't really like any other bands that sound like them. They sound like what you would get if a bunch of bulldogs on bulldozers decided to get together and start making melodic modern metal.

Just because it is melodic doesn't mean that it is simple. The guitar work is really nice... it's almost pretty. Check them out...

These guys are why bands like Slipnot suck to me.

tought we was talking about the PC GAME lol.

I prefer the band!

oh god if ucking hate slipknot. riffing that sucks ass and never matched the vocals, hell i woudlnt listen past the intro

The new All Shall Perish is really good even thought it is deathcore (kind of a sucky genre)... see my article over here:



anyone like the new knights of the abyss album?

they are deathcore also :/ i agree, not a very great genre.

agreed, im not a big fan of deathcore myself. it's a very weak genre imo

Well lol im a big fan of deathcore, when its not a bunch of asian scene kids. i love shit like As blood runs black, whitechapel, and the acacia strain.

i just got the cd. Its really good, it just isn't deathcore lol. no offense at all its just got some modern metal, death, and melodeath riffing, and a bit of hardcore vocals i guess. But i LOVE the drumming. ;]