Devtember Idea

I cant write code but I have an idea if someone wants to do something with this for devtember…

Could you write an iphone and/or android app that can accept text input, convert that to Morse code, and transmit using the camera flash?
Ideally it could also ‘see’ flashes using the camera, and convert them back to text.

The premise behind this is if you’re stranded somewhere (hiking, sailing, whatever) most people don’t carry a radio or a EPIRB, but almost always have their phone. You could contact a search party without needing network coverage, if you have line of sight - so for spotter planes/helicopters, or other hikers a significant distance away and get help.



This actually a great idea! Unfortunately I cannot code as well (wrong industry and no spare time to learn)

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While this is an interesting idea, I think one would be better served by a small mirror as that would be much brighter.

Fun fact, SOS is a Morse code used for such causes. Also, some flash light apps have an SOS option.
But the ability to transmit text looks like a fun project to be honest.

Honestly only at night.

During the day time that will be mostly useless.

It’s far more effective to just carry a pocket mirror.

(not trying to shit on your idea)

True - but AT night I can’t think of anything much more effective. The whole idea behind this is becoming unexpectedly in need of saving.

Yeah possibly - but, again, this is for unplanned emergencies and next to no-one carries a mirror but almost everyone carries a phone

Yeah that’s what gave me the idea - I’m ex-Army. But unless you’re a trained operator sending and receiving messages in Morse is time consuming and prone to false interpretation. Using a camera sensor to receive, and flash to transmit, with the phone handling interpretation, the sped would be very fast and the content will not be limited by operator training.

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