[Devember2021] Building a recipe app for my wife

My wife asked me to work on an app for our phones for keeping track of the recipes we use. We both use iPhone, so it will be in swift, with a SwiftUI front End. The app has the following needs:

  1. Include various tags and filters to be able to sort the recipes and search through them.

  2. Be able to mark the recipe as a favorite, which will add it to a “Featured” list with a fancier UI

  3. Be able to add recipe’s from either of our phones or ipads that will show up on any of the devices (Planning to use Firebase for the backend to allow syncing across the devices)


@Curglaff and now there are 3 of us…
@Mtereo I am basically doing the same thing for devember :smiley: We can share recipes at some point. Wish you good luck :wink: Will follow this thread…