[devember2021] Auto Editor on Golem

Hello Everyone!
tl;dr repo link: https://github.com/jedbrooke/golem-auto-editor

This is the thread for my entry into the 2021 devember contest. My project is going to be a website where a user can upload a video, and have it processed with some automatic functions such as removing silent portions, resized, re-encoded etc. I’m using an existing tool for that called auto-editor, but as it is a cli python tool it is not very beginner friendly, since a user has to install python, sometimes ffmpeg, and any codecs they might use. plus those not familiar with the command line nope out immediately. My goal is to make a seamless web-ui (and maybe a desktop app too) to help non-techy users.

The second goal of the project is to help those with lower spec computers, as the process of editing and re-encoding the video is quite intensive, so it can take a long time, or you could run into RAM limits etc. offloading it to the cloud is a solution to this.

But servers in the cloud is expensive, how are you going to pay for the hosting? well besides offering a paid version of the service in the future (ex for support for 4k, higher bitrate export etc), I will be using golem for the video processing compute side of things. Golem is a distributed computing platform where every day people with normal computers can connect their computer to the network and have their computers process jobs, and get paid in GLM. currently it is quite cheap to run jobs on the network, and they have a faucet for developers so I already have some GLM. plus it’s quite scalable as you only pay when your send out jobs.

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woo the site is up. Currently the back end doesn’t do anything but I just wanted to post an update to show I haven’t forgotten about this project


I’ll probably buy a real domain soon too

the real domain has been bought!


still no backend, but expect it soon