Devember2020 Woops passed me by

Forgot about that.
I didn’t work on my original goal of creating a MVP of a virtual tabletop similar to Roll20 but I did complete Advent of Code.

The VTT will have to wait for some time now. My domain name expired and I’m rethinking how I’m going to do it. I got bogged down in too many web technologies(PostgreSQL, Rocket-rs, Typescript, WebGL, HTML templates, Rust → WASM, too many CSS grids). Working with any 3 of these and I would have managed alright but altogether they where just too much to keep track of.

Anyways I’ve since returned to my dice rolling language and have been flushing it out the last couple days.

  • I’v implement some obscurish dice modifiers that you would find in games like shadow run and savage worlds(various types of exploding rolls)
  • Cleaned up the code a lot
  • Working on Success and Fail rolls(and critical success and fail rolls).
  • Created a Wiki for documentation.
  • Created a project board to track development.

I’m thinking the VTT will be a desktop app using gtk so to learn gtk I started by creating a standalone dice rolling app(gRollLang).

It’s pretty bear bones right now

  • Basic undo redo functionality
  • GUI for inserting operators, functions, inline rolls, numbers, and dice
  • Ability to enter any other features not exposed by the GUI.
  • Created a flatpak(not published yet)
  • Made an icon

The GUI is designed using glade which makes it really easy to iterate on.

Progress has been inconsistent as I only work on it when I have time but things are looking pretty good now that I’m managing my expectations.