Devember/Minecraft Prize Pool

Still a wip , no partiular order , pool for both Devember and minecraft projects though linode is providing the grand prize for the Devember challenge :slight_smile:

Threadripper 2920x / ASRock x399 phantom gaming 6 motherboard

Msi b350 gaming pro and mystery ryzen cpu (micro atx)

Nvidia 2070 (not sure what model yet)

Msi gaming m7 x470 mobo

Pixio monitor 27" pxc273

Asrock z390 steel legend motherboard

Asus x299 motherboard (not sure which maybe the prime?) 30th edition

Msi gaming x gtx1650

Amd rx5700 xt

(Note this might not end up being the reference version)

Ryzen 5 3600x. Cpu only

Itx cpu/mobo

I-5 8600k and h370m itx. I could probably be talked into trading you the itx board for a desktop z370/90 atx board. Maybe.

This older intel itx mobo and cpu (but that’s it nothing else in the photo)

Runner up and or ewaste prizes. Random trash books

Z370 icraft gaming mobo

Asrock taichi hat

…and more I’ll probably add to this over the next few days as I’m doing new year cleaning.

We reserve the right to substitute prizes for any reason. Thanks


Sick! Was it anounced what that was… or is it a suprise :wink:

Big ooff… now that would actually be something I would love to win! definitely been working on my build now im gonna turbo speed my detailing progress lol


While I’d be happy with anything at all, the fact that that was listed first “in no particular order” haha. Life dreams/goals lol.


Right lol. Been building my server and stuff. IDK if you saw my “phaselockedloopable” thread but I’ve been estavlishing a home lab and that would turbo charge my efforts haha.

Believe it or not RPI4s are useful (full gigabit no usb share pcie crap anymore).

Yeah very much goals. Minecraft December contest was fun. Tons of huge and great builds haha people went all out!

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Devember WINNERS

YT Link:

So the way this works is we ranked the winners, and are going in order contacting each one.

We might have more winners in MC because we had more overall participation over there and the projects were mind blowing

If winners don’t respond within a day or so, we’ll go on down the list and let someone else pick from the prize pool.

Congratulations everyone!

Grand Prize (DEV) : @Engle – Linode credits CLAIMED
Grand Prize (Minecraft) : @Noodle777 – Threadripper 12 core/mobo CLAIMED

2nd place (DEV) : @player1 I-5 8600k and h370m itx
2nd place (Minecraft): @Ursavus claimed the uATX MSI B350 + mystery ryzen cpu from above!

3 (DEV) : @sax 2070 claimed!
3 (Minecraft): @Techisattva 5700xt claimed!

4 (DEV) : Not your turn yet!
4 (Minecraft): Not your turn yet!

5 (DEV) : Not your turn yet!
5 (Minecraft): Not your turn yet!

6th place (DEV) : Not your turn yet!
6th place (Minecraft): Not your turn yet!

7 Runner Up (DEV) : Not your turn yet!
7 Runner Up (Minecraft): Not your turn yet!

8 Runner Up (DEV) : Not your turn yet!
8 Runner Up (Minecraft): Not your turn yet!

9 Runner Up (DEV) : Not your turn yet!
9 Runner Up (Minecraft): Not your turn yet!

This was an awesome contest, and we will for sure do something next year. We have enough prizes everyone should get at least a little something.

Big thanks again to Linode for helping sponsor!

… and big thanks to our fans so we can give away all this gear!


I never posted my actual project on github, or finished it for that matter:(
But I learned, anyway I wasn’t going for the prize. Yet how did I get the Devember badge though?


if you just posted, you at least got the badge :slight_smile:

You learned something, right? if so good work. Just no prize for you :stuck_out_tongue:


I never figured on getting the prize. I just wanted to do a project with Python.


Also, funny story. My Devember project led me to find PyCharm and Jetbrains was in the news this week lol.


No project is ever finished. One just reaches a state where others won’t judge them for improving it no further :wink:

(We’re a very ego-centric people like that)


Yeah, but mine doesn’t even work. And I still largely feel lost when working on it.


Don’t worry there are plenty of people out there that will happily exploit your imposter syndrone to try to convince you to do stupid mind-numbing work in a medium they themselves don’t understand for low pay/no pay. Just notice it and you’ll eventually get the hang of it :slight_smile:


Let me write a program to process that sentence Wendell xD. I’ll probably understand the output better.


Ayyy well deserved @Noodle777 well deserved especially for all the elytra you grabbed to give to us!

haha @Ursavus you got the prize you wanted so badly ! congrats. I remember you eyeballing that thing hard!


and all of @Noodle777 's gun powder to power the wings :smiley:


Congrats to all the winners!

It was super cool to get blind arch mentioned in the honorable mentions. Looking forward to next year!


Let me help you out:


//has potential to impact self respect variables causing a potentially infinite loop

if(taskStupidity > gulibility)
gulibility- -;


} else {
jobOffer(skillLevel, gulibility);
//function has tendency to extremely low ball

Congratulations to all the winners!
I saw the Contest Video was released. Maybe link it here? :smiley:


i dunno if minecrafters got forum badges for this devember contest but i hadnt submitted a post on this thread if thats wht would have triggered that

Awesome! Even my little simple build got a look. I really should make it much better.