[Devember] Med Minder App

So I’m gonna be a little ambitious.

There’s a medical reminder app I’ve wanted to make for a while.

Key features:

  • Reminder for pills
  • Appointments
    – Set reminders for appointments (get a blood test before hand, or take pills before hand)
  • Questions for doctors

I’m gonna be starting a new job as well, so this could be fun.


So I spend some time doing some designs. What are people’s thoughts?


For “completed” could you somehow strike on the original line instead of having a seperate place. It’s easier for me to see what I’ve done and still need to do.

You might want to integrate with something like a CalDAV to cleanly merge with your mobile device reminders for your schedules.

Also the obligatory swipe left trash, swipe right snooze.

I like this.

Your PRN (As needed) meds could be just be merged to a single entry and not dedicated single notifications.

So my goal is to group things together. So you group your meds into things like morning, breakfast, lunch, afternoon, etc… meaning you don’t get a thousand notifications.

I’m not sure as needed will get notifications themselves, but used more for seeing if/when you can take your next dose.

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