[Devember 2022] a space project | open source space game

Yes! I’d argue that the performance uplift of porting to another language is not nearly as important as knowing your language well. Depending on the situation Java(or most other languages) can them same or better performance than C++.
If you have a performance problem, make sure to measure it, and carefully consider your options. Changing language is one of them, so is reworking your algorithms and data structures.


So much this.

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Still bug hunting…

  • added braking function to stop ship: [S] on keyboard, [X] on controller
  • added sound effect for collecting drops
  • fix pickup gravity for collecting drops
  • fix collision filter to not do heat damage from stars on gravity sensor
  • fix background tiling to render better on screen resolutions above 1080p
  • fade hit marker trails

Starting to implement more sounds. Trying to figure out best way to handle modulation with control over only volume, pitch and pan.

For looping audio to be perfectly seamless, no gaps, and start and end of waveform must line up so there’s no clipping at the boundary:

A small fade in and fade out at the beginning and end can smooth out noisier clips that don’t line up so nicely.


Interestingly enough, FL studio’s editor has a tool named “Tune loop” which automatically cross-fades an audio clip with itself.
Unfortunately, I just checked Audacity, and it doesn’t seem to have an equivalent.

Maybe there’s a 3rd party plugin that does something similar to this.
I did find that audacity has a “Select At Zero Crossings” function by using Z, so at least there’s that.

EDIT: I just remembered that you use Ableton, so I’m pretty sure you can seamlessly loop/crossfade your samples in there instead. :slight_smile:

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Oh hey that “select at zero crossings” is handy. thanks!

I was kinda surprised audacity didn’t have a cross-fade. Well it does…looks like it can crossfade multiple clips into eachother, but not one clip into itself. I read a couple forums that said you can do it but process seems confusing and complex.

Yeah abletons nice, but I’d have to hop over to the windows side. I’d rather not hop back and forth between machines for “simple” things. A good fall back tho.

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