Devember 2021 - Social media platform

For this Devember I’ll be continuing work on a social media platform project I started developing in February.

It can be found at Allocamelus/Allocamelus on GitHub or

Edit: See u/Allocamelus for an interesting page until landing page update

The full list of implemented and planned features can be found in the repo’s README but here are some of the working parts:

  • Signup
  • Login
  • Posting (Limited Editing)
  • Commenting
  • User profiles


Update: Oct 27 - 29

Oct 27

  • Added dompurify to vue web app

Oct 28

  • Added a landing page placeholder. Edit: See u/Allocamelus for an interesting page
  • Limited list posts api to logged-in users

Oct 29

  • Added rate limiting
  • Updated footer & sidebar
  • Fixed post reloading bug

Update: Oct 30 - Nov 3

Some small web ui changes were made on Nov 2, but most of my time was spent experimenting with wasm and server relief*.

However, server relief is currently on hold until the openpgpjs fix for the Vite bundler is published to npm.

*Server relief branch (unstable) feature/server-relief

Update: Nov 4 - Nov 12


  • Working docker-compose and system examples w/ setup instructions
  • Static file server to serve web app and media
  • Version flag

Update: Nov 13 - Dec 9

I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks but should be able to work on my project for the rest of the month.

Almost all of the work I’ve done was on the branch feature/server-relief


  • Functions allowing PGP key generation and password hashing on the client side. Still need to update the API and client app.

Update: Dec 10 - Dec 16

Branch: feature/server-relief


  • Account creation and authentication api to match Allocamelus’s api-description
  • SignUp page to use new api

The new api no longer generates or has access to unencrypted keys server-side!

Update: Dec 17 - Jan 1

The branch feature/server-relief will be ready to merge with main and made live once some bugs are fixed.

Overall I’m happy with what I’ve completed this Devember.

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