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[Devember 2021] An opensource flutter restaurant client for tastyigniter

Long story short is that I do all the I.T. for my parents restaurants and they want an online solution for takeout/delivery that doesn’t charge 20%+ on every order. I’m a full time student so open-source projects like tastyigniter seem enticing as a solution; however, the lack of a native app makes it hard for restaurants to know when they get orders quickly. So I plan to make an app that restaurants can run to view/update the status of their orders and get live notifications. I’ve never done any app development before, but I have done a bunch of API work. So I’ll have to see if this winds up getting finished.


One month in and I have realized that choosing flutter was a mistake. I have jumped ship to pyqt5 to get a quicker UI and working app.

Here’s what I have so far:

It’s just the ui layout for now but all I have left is making the app sync with a custom flask api so the mysql database doesnt have to be exposed.

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Thanks for sharing, this is looking great for such a short time! Is there any feature or implementation that you won’t be able to do because of the switch to pyqt5?

As of right now the two biggest disadvantages are application size and lack of io functions. Although the application is meant to run in the background on the skip-the-dishes/uber eats tablets that stores have so storage isn’t a huge issue.

It’s a good thing storage isn’t a problem then. What about the io functions though? Do you see yourself needing those later on?

It would be If I wanted to use it as a standalone app. I already have the store setup to automatically print orders so the tablet is more of a contingency than anything. I think in the future I’ll just end up re-writing it all in java if I need to.

I have finished the API today:

its all manageable through the web panel:

The goal of this is to allow for some security so a stolen or lost tablet doesn’t result in all customer info being accessible.