[Devember 2021] A Crypto Based Tipping Platform

My Devember project is to make a tipping platform, similar to Patreon, but with the option to curb excessive platform fees with the help of cryptocurrencies.

It will mostly be written in JavaScript and it will be dockerized.


Unless you are making just a “hub” in which users can prove they donated to a creator and receive the benefits (like early access to stuff, or having their usernames shown in videos etc.) and where creators can see who donated, then you might want to avoid it, just to not get in trouble with financial regulation institutions.

Edit: this is not a discouragement, just a friendly advice.


Yeah, I am taking care to not be considered an exchange.

The plan is to have a verification process of the user’s wallet address and unlocking content for x period of time, based on the amount sent to the creator.