Deus Ex Dark as Hell in Wine

I want to do a stream soon of Deus Ex, possibly tomorrow, maybe next week. In any case a good 6 hours so I need the game to run fine and look like it should. Problem is that it has this weird problem of being way too dark for some reason…

In the game I can run it fine, runs at 60FPS even. No sound issues. But, the textures are… dark. Like the brightness is turned all the way down. But if I go in the brightness options it just changes the local brightness of my second monitor. If I kill the game instead of closing the game properly the brightness settings stay stuck on the second monitor.

Not sure what to do about it. All help is appreciated. I’m running everything here with Lutris.

When I first started using Linux I had an issue with Open Arena and found This Fix To Change The Gamma Setting

open a terminal window and do: xgamma -gamma 1.8

You can adjust the setting as needed. It isn’t perfect, but it is one way to get the brightness up a bit. If I remember right you could even do a shell script to have it change the setting and then go back to normal when the program closes.

Another thing I run in to is using redshift, sometimes games are too dark and I have to turn it off. I put in a manual config for it because the default settings are just a little too dark for me, and even then it can still be too dark. You can disable it or suspend it temporarily which is good if you think you will forget about it.

Alright here’s the weird part now. When I do the xgamma stuff it ONLY affects my second monitor… Hmmmm. It doesn’t even touch the first one.

Edit: Somehow the secondary display was listed as the primary… Alright maybe I’m just stupid?
Edit 2: Nope that didn’t do anything at all. Open to more suggestions and will continue to play with xgamma. Should I just switch to wayland? Is that even a thing I can do? I’m a rather avid gamer so I’m unsure of the possibilities there… Plus OBS capture.

None specifically mention your exact problem here, but there are a vast number of graphical options and expansions to try out for many results.

Worth a look.

Edit: apparently same issue and people managing to fix it here:

Any other ideas? I need to set up a deus ex install on windows to get the above thing working at all so if anyone else has an idea I am appreciative.

New thing. Seems to be the DX renderer that is giving me the issue. So, hopefully the openGL renderers are what fixes the game for me. But again, need to set it up on a windows install. Luckily I’m putting XP on my macbook today so that lines up perfect.