Destiny on pc?

Hey guys do you know if there is any plan of Bungie puting Destiny on pc or is there any way atm to get 360 or ps3 games to play on pc????

i dont think that there is currently a way to play 360 games on pc, i looked into it about a year ago after i started playing wii games on my pc with this, the thinking being that if someone had donre the wii then an xbox should be easy after all its pretty much pc components from a pc software company but as far as i know no emaulatoor for 360 is yet available

now as i type this im thinking that rather than code an emulator why not dump the firmware into a vm ware virtual computer, and let that deal with it, now theres probably a very simple reason that this wouldnt work but i dont know what that may be its only just occured to me..........anyway

for the current gen of consoles im pretty sure dolphin is the only emulator you can even use the propper wii controllers, i do, but in all truth the wii isnt up to much and dolphins a bit hit and miss some games play fine some play slow some dont play

hope this helped, now im off to bed

Emulation generally takes a tole on hardware. Even if your PC is far better than whatever is in the 360. The 360 games are optimized for that system and written specifically for the 360 hardware and API's. I don't think we'll see any 360 emulation out for a good few years.