Desktop OS on a tower server

Hey everyone. Picked up an old poweredge t310 tower server. I'm planning on using it to keep my general files and media off my main rig. Should I bother with a server os or would a desktop os be sufficient to set the drives to network share. Will also be running plex for music and video streaming.

I would recommend you look into FreeNas for this application, its Free (duh) and it sounds like a really good fit for this application. It has a great file system called ZFS, has plugins for Plex, and many more goodies :3

Will it work with a mere 2gb of ram? It's a pretty low spec model with an i3.

2gb of ram is going to push it, and plex on an I3 may be a stretch. 8GB is really want's a recommended minimum for FreeNas.