Desktop (ATX) PSU on server (H11SSL-I-O) motherboard

I’m thinking of getting the Supermicro H11SSL-I-O (retail unit) for only 2 reasons. I can install a reasonably priced 16-core EPYC 7301 in it for transcoding purposes and also because it has 16 SATA lovely sata ports. I have the zfs layout figured out but that’s not the problem. What I am thinking is that I have 0 experience anything server related. I have not had enough real life exposure to a server. Nor do I have an old server at home.

This is my first time “building” one. Most of my “non-essential” parts are no-where near related to a server. Only the CPU, RAM and motherboard (and also Toshiba MG04ACA400E if you consider it “server grade”) is “server-grade”.

My NH-U12S is the SP3/TR4 variant. The boot SSD is a DRAM-less Crucial BX500 120GB x2 (mirror) and 4x Samsung 970 Pro 1TB in raidz1 for cache (but I will put files here myself, not as a slog or anything zfs-related-caching). The Case is Fractal Design Define 7 XL (with support of up-to 21 drives; as per LTT’s video). Nor is my UPS (Microtek Legend 1600) installable on a rackmount.

With this “excess” info out of the way. I haven’t yet decided a PSU for my setup. I know that I need a 750W or a 800W PSU (if I plan on getting a PCIe powered GPU like GT 710) but I don’t know which one to get. For the moment, I’ve chosen the Asus ROG Strix 750W (SKU: ROG-STRIX-750G) but I’m not sure if this PSU will support the motherboard I have chosen. I am also not a person who can make an educated decision related to choosing a PSU that is electronically compatible with the pinout of motherboard. If my selected PSU is incompatible, please help me with a PSU which will fit in my case. TIA! :’)

TL;DR: I have chosen a server motherboard and I’m not sure if a normal “off the shelf” ATX PSU will work with the motherboard without any problems. If an off the shelf PSU is not compatible with this motherboard, please suggest me a different PSU that will fit in the case mentioned in the second last paragraph.

Edit: submitted the post by mistake without re-reading and removed a few typos.

The H11SSL-I-O belongs to the 1013S-MTR which uses the PWS-407P-1R power supply.

From the specs it looks to be a 12vo supply with a 24 pin ATX motherboard connector. Unless there is 3v3/5v supply in the PSU backplane.

So I can’t use any off the shelf power supply? Even if it is the new 12vo standard?

Supermicro sell ATX power supplies

I don’t have any Supermicro gear, but in HP servers, the power supplies only output 12v and there is a 12v to 3.3 and 12v to 5v supply in the backplane.
HP servers use proprietary connectors.

You could give it a go but the only way to be sure is to contact Supermicro or grab a 1013S-MTR and a multimeter and check the pinout.

What I actually want to know is that there is 24-pin ATX connector on the motherboard. If I plug the Asus ROG Strix 750W to that connector, will that work without anything catching fire?

24-pin ATX power supply connector
12V 8-pin ATX CPU power connector
4-pin ATX auxiliary power supply connector

One way to find out.

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