Desire for the perfect case

Well, for a while now, been wanting to get a good case that I can stick with for a couple of years.
These are the current parts of my build:
I would like to fit everything in a good case.
I already tried a Mini-ITX case, the Phanteks Evolv ITX and unfortunately, there was a major lack of airflow in the case to keep the R9 290 cool. I moved back into my old NZXT source 210 for now.

What I am mainly looking for is a Mini-ITX case that can hold all my parts but is more in the shape of a normal Desktop case.
I really don't care for the cube cases at all especially since they are pretty cramped.
A consideration was the Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 or NZXT S340 if I was to get an ATX motherboard, to hold all my components. Anybody got any suggestions?

Another consideration was to sell my ITX motherboard and just get an ATX Z97 from AsRock and throw it in a decent case, or do the same with a Micro ATX case. If it has that Blue or Aqua Blue on the R9 290 Vapor-X, even better.

Bitfenix prodigy maybe?

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Well clearly the most perfect case is the HAF XB EVO, it's a bit of a cube case, however it's got plenty of room and a removable motherboard tray, in addition to bringing the airflow closer to your components, plus it has handles and hot swap hard drive bays.

Have not thought about that in a while.

There are also other color combo´s available.

Only problem for me is that my Sapphire logo would be upside down. :(
Not in the ITX version just the Prodigy M. As for the ITX I would greeted with the fans.

yes there are 2 versions of the prodigy, a mini itx and a m-atx version.

If I had money flowing out of my pocket I would very much like this case Lian Li O5SX
Its so slim and elegant, but not for $300 haha.

My main voice for mATX goes to Arc Mini R2 you have mentioned... I really properly like it...
For mid tower ATX i will always recommend Arc Midi R2... My case...

For less known alternative i can recommend Bitfenix Ronin, which is basically Arc Midi R2 with slught changes here and there...

Another, and probably my favorite mid tower case atm is Phanteks Enthoo Pro M

Honestly, i can't say anything bad about this one...

Now for mini itx i still believe Node 304 is a great case for what it is...

Some people say there are issues with the airflow, because it's 2x92mm intakes...
Cooler Master Elite 130 is also an awesome case for what it is...

I have an issue with the HUGE lack of fan filters anywhere on it, but that the hell...

I can't really think of nothing else at the moment...

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I am really liking the white cases. Wish the Arc Mini R2 came in white.
I would definitely be sold on the Fractal Core 500 that just came out if it was white and had small acrylic windows that spanned the length of the top of the case.

And if Fractal finally stop covering the freaking front intake... They seems to like closed front intakes and god knows i don't understand why... Arc series looks really sleek and have a mesh... But no... Closed intakes it is...
Sorry... went off on a rant for a moment, and i stopped early... I didn't even mention Define S...
Oh wait...

Hmm, still be looking around. Raidmax does not normally scream quality but this seems to be a fair compromise. I can only assume the windows will scratch fairly easy. RAIDMAX Hyperion

Throwing some names out there, the two microATX cases I like that come to mind are the thermaltake core V21 and the corsair air 240.

The Ncase M1

Dan A4

And well any Lian Li Case's are amazing

Just note that the Thermaltake Core V21 has a pretty damn big footprint. I built in one, probably wouldn't build in it again though because there's a lot of wasted space imo, especially compared to other m-ATX cases like the N200 which are nice and compact.

oh ye, the silencio 352's a nope too. Didn't think to mention cases not to go for. It has like no cable management behind the mobo tray.

N200 is also lacking in this area too. I guess it comes with the price.

Ye, when I was building with the silencio 352 if you've only a 3.5 and a 2.5 inch drive it's quite nice to have all the drives up in the top right with the 5.25 inch bay. Can take out the bottom HDD cage for moar airflow.
Sound proofing is nice, SD card reader is a bonus and the fans aren't bad. I only built an office PC in the thing but it was pretty damn quiet. Couldn't imagine the thing with noctua fans.

Really wish the 352 had a window. I am a little whore for visual appearance.

You wouldn't want it to because:
a) you'd have to have it on the right hand side to see in, and then the door opens the wrong way
b) there's not much when it comes to cable management. You'd better like the look of 24-pin cables.