Dell xps 13 for use as external display

I have the dell d6000 thunderbolt dock and 8th gen xps 13 with the 4k IPS display, and I’m wondering if anyone knows how or if I can use it as an external display for my PC. I saw some people theorizing that it may not have a hardware capability to take in displayport signal through the dock instead of outputting it, but I didn’t get an extra display detected by putting a dp cable in from my pc to the dock so not sure if theres some windows fudging I need to do or if it’s just not possible. any help is appreciated.

I’m pretty sure the hardware wasn’t designed for that capability. I’ve extensively looked into using an old laptop as a KVM and I’ve had no luck. If you were experienced in component level board repair, you could theoretically jerry-rig an old laptop to accept a display input. However, you certainly wouldn’t want to permanently mangle your XPS 13 as a display only device.

I think it would be really cool if it was an option. Similar to the way many All-In-Ones can be used as display.

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