Dell XPS 13 (2015) - Review & Benchmarks | Tek Syndicate

Today we're taking a look at the "Bezel Free" Dell XPS 2015 sporting a gorgeous 3200x1800 resolution.

It truly is a 13" ultraportable in an 11" frame.

Be sure to take a look at the benchmarks!

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I wish they did a brushed magnesium alloy/CFRP version.

It would be a fingerprint magnet, but would look glorious.

I wish they did a gold version like the new macbook.

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I'm considering buying one of these as a linux workstation i can tote around. @wendell, will you be covering linux use on the XPS 13? Dell is selling them as developer editions with, but here are the notes the Sputnik team released for using other linux versions:

I'm also interested to know if it supports displayport daisy chaining, in both linux and windows.


I bought the new Lenovo X1 Carbon over the XPS because I like the matte screen. And the fact that using Dell machines at school from first grade to high school left a bad impression on me. (I'm typing this from my Carbon.)

In some weird way, i had wished this laptop were a convertible, similar to the old XPS 12. with a thinner profile. that would of been amazing.

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I've been looking at this laptop for quite some time and am probably going to be picking one up on my birthday. Small footprint = easy carry & better fit on those tiny uni desks.

Skylake is just around the corner, though. Hmm...

I don't know how much I'd be bothered by 'only' 1920x1080 at 13 inches, but glossy displays definitely annoy me.

Skylake for desktops is just around the corner.
Worthwhile laptops with Skylake might be a ways off seeing as most got updated with Broadwell so recently.

I'm testing one of these through work and love it. I replaced a Macbook Air with a Surface Pro 3 last year and the XPS is a good combination of the best parts of the two: good keyboard, good trackpad, nice high resolution touch screen, and thin and light.

Looks quite nice indeed. I've been considering acquiring one of those slimmer laptops for ages. Though I very much prefer keyboards that are at least as good as my X60s keyboard.

Okay, I was super confused for a sec at the mention of it shipping with Ubuntu when I went to check out the product page. (Wendell mentions it at ~5:10 in the video)

I guess it's only available on the XPS 13 Developer Edition, which not even the chat support could figuret out:

Definitely a contender to the Gen3 X1 Carbon for me, awesome review @wendell

looks beautiful. Too bad it's an extra $300 for the screen upgrade. Other than that it's fantastic.

Hmmm very interesting benchmark numbers. A little disappointed by the lack luster write performance of the SSD though.

However that camera placement is.... odd.

I've been asleep at the helm in the linux channel, but I have a backlog there. Including a demo of ubuntu 15.04 w/mir on Surface Pro 3.
Compiling the kernel wasn't "that bad" but it did take 20gb of disk space!
And now everything works smooth as butter.

I think SP3 is still my favorite over this.

Yes! Because I can. It actually went pretty quick. Just used more disk space than I expected.

apt-get source kernel , applied a bunch of patches. Perhaps doing the kernel "the debian way" is what screwed me. I didn't bother making menu config, I just used the running config as a basis which probably had a lot of crap turned on, turn on more surface crap and away we went

Had a dell studio 15 way back in 2007/08. Good stuff but nothing like gaming desktop like Sager or Alienware. The technology of laptops just really died from 2008 to 2012. Nothing really new that's not already done. my old 2007 dell studio 15 had phone sim card and extra bay for wifi or wifi-max, bluetooth, fingerprint. Yet the technology really never went quad core or hexacore like desktop. Heck even that M.2 technology just older tech that was used for the wifi port.