Dell UEFI Admin Password Bypass/Reset

I have a Dell Latitude E6430 which has an admin password that pretty much blocks me from doing anything in the bios setup and I cant even boot into UEFI for my boot device. I've already tride removing the CMOS battery for a while, all that does is reset the clock.

Is there any software or tricks that allow me to bypass the damn Dell admin password? Thanks

Unfortunately the password is stored in NVRAM so removing the battery won't do anything.

I know you can call Dell Support to get a "master" password for that device based off of the serial number and service code. This assumes that you're the original owner and it's still under warranty. We've had a few people here where I work who thought they were being clever by setting an admin password and locking everything down on them when returning their laptop.

Does it give a code if you enter the incorrect password a few times?

Its from 2012 and I'm not the original owner so that's great... I've heard there are UEFI BIOS scramblers but I'm assuming dell make it near enough impossible to do...