Dell R510 Not Booting USBv

I am merely trying to boot my R510 and install proxmox, and it cannot see the USB driver I have inserted. I havbe a 3.0 ventoy disk plugged in, and I have loaded ventoy on this machine before.

Theres like 8 menus so idk where to look for usb boot options

Never mind, for whatever reason the internal usb works but not the front port

idek there was an internal

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In my experience, the UEFI boot on the 11th Gen servers was always temperamental… when I ran my R710 I did on ESXI 6.X but always opted for the legacy bios boot as it seemed more reliable. Unfortunately I discovered ventoy after I moved on from the 11th gen dells to newer equipment so I’m not able to help with that…

The USB ports are 2.0 on that machine but that should only affect speed not compatibility.

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Can you maybe answer why proxmox is refusing to display

Someone on the Proxmox forum reported having an issue similar to you with the same equipment. I would try what was suggested there

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