Dell PowerEdge 2850

So work is getting rid of one of these, and so I can get it for free. Looking at the specs though I don’t know if it’d even be worth taking it for no cost. Basically just want to make it a Plex server for in-home use. Probably won’t use more than one stream ever, maybe two tops, over a wireless network.


I don’t know yet what’s inside exactly, it hasn’t been powered on as long as the current IT guy has been here.

2850 is SUPER old. I don’t think it’ll be useful for much that you’re looking to do. The RAM is DDR2, and the Procs are Pentium 4 era Xeons. Also, the fans are loud, so having it anywhere where people might be is going to be a no-go.

It might be useful as a NAS or Router, but transcoding anything but SD video on the fly is probably going to be pretty painful.

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Yeah that’s just not gonna be useful for really anything man. Thats a 10+ year old server and it sucks up quite a bit of power. Plus @reikoshea is right the 2850s and 2950s are SUPER loud, basically sound like a low power hair dryer. I had a gen 3 2950 that was fun to play with, but i had to switch out the fans and flash the firmware because it was so loud.

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Good to know. Knowing the company’s history I’m betting it’s a pair of single-cores too. I’ll let the IT guy know to just recycle the thing.