Dell Perc 6/i to IBM M1015

Am I correct in saying that when I change over to the new raid card it won't recognize the data from the DELL? So I'll have to start fresh. Also I want to flash the IBM to IR any tips would be appreciated. Can I do the flashing from my main computer or does it need to be in the server? Hopefully the Dell backplane will play nice with the IBM.

Yeah. You'll have to recreate your array.

Did you possibly mean IT mode? If so, have a look here.

You should be able to do the flashing from your main PC. The Dell backplane should be fine, no guarantees though. What server is the backplane from?

IT mode as I know it is pass through only but I had found a blog about flashing to IR mode which meant you could do pass through and raid if you wanted.

I'm seeing nothing about IR mode when I look around.

That said, what OS are you using? If you're on Linux, use MD raid or preferrably ZFS. Either will be significantly more reliable than hardware raid. If you're on Windows, I don't really have a solution aside from maybe Storage Spaces or something? I'm not a windows guy.

its in the article that you posted. LSI9211-IR = Pass through as in IT mode, but you also have RAID options (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 1e and RAID 10), better for RAID 0 Windows boot SSDs etc, and possibly run Software RAID 5 on the other drives.

Oh stupid me... I didn't do too much reading, just familiar with serve the home and trusted their guide.

also the backplane is the one that came with the dell R710 server.

That backplane should be fine. Can't guarantee 100%, but I've never had a problem with it.

thanks man btw

Glad I could help.

So I got the card flashed to IR mode is there any other kind of configuring I need to.

Good. It really depends on what your plan is. All you should need to do is connect it up and use it. If you're going to want hardware raid, you'll need to configure it, if not, it should be in JBOD by default.

Why when I go to install Windows server does it tell me Windows installation encountered an unexpected error verify that the installation sources are accessible and restart installation.

Error code 0xc0000005

I think I sorted this one out by formatting the driver again. Im installing now.

Also when I try and restart the process of installing again it tell me my drives are offline I get all drives online and and install to the drive I want. It goes through installing and gets to where it needs to reboot to finish the process and when it comes back up it starts over the installation. I think it has something to do with the driver being offline on start up.