Dell Optiplex 7010 Upgrade

So my dad got me this computer a while back. My understanding is that it's a pretty typical work computer with an i7 and an HD Radeon 7570, my intentions are to upgrade the gpu. I was thinking the 750ti as its a pretty good card for entry level gaming rigs. I could get one for around $120. i'm wondering if it will work with my computer and if a power supply upgrade is needed. The 750ti is relatively efficient and I think it will work with the 275 W power supply I have, but not for long. I could get my hands on an EVGA 500 W power supply later I guess. Is this the best way to upgrade my computer for entry level gaming?

So according to Google/Dell's website that Optiplex 7010 should have an Ivy bridge i7. That's definitely useable for games and such.

A 750 ti would be a good option if you aren't going to upgrade the power supply. However, I'd look at something like an R9 270 and an EVGA 500B if you can stretch your budget a little bit.

Speaking of which, how much is your budget?

Also, is your case the slim design or the larger one? You may have to pick up a new case if you have one of the slimmer cases.

I have the larger design. I also thought about the r9 270 as well. my budget is about 200 or so bucks right now. My budget can grow though.It would just take a longer time for me to save up. Can you explain to me what an Ivy bridge is?

Ivy bridge = 3rd generation of Intel's Core series. It's only a couple of years old, and still performs exceptionally well.

This is a hair over $200(and doesn't include tax), but would be a pretty good upgrade and run most games easily at high settings(of course, at 1080p or lower resolutions)

Yeah this looks pretty good. I was only thinking of using the 750ti as a kind of experiment for this computer. I would ideally like to invest a lot of money into an entirely new rig. I'm just curious as to what the cheapest gpu/power supply solution for this rig would be that would fill the minimum requirements for some light gaming. I kind of want to not invest so much into this computer, and have it serve as a temporary computer while I save for a completely self made build. Thanks for the help! I'm torn between the r9 270 and t50ti now :(

Don't forget to give the used market a try. You can get some really decent cards for $200. For instance I helped a friend of mine get an r9 280 for $120. Give reddit hardwareswap a try, but make sure you try to buy from someone with flair and make sure you pay with paypal goods and services so you're purchase is protected.

Yeah I was exploring the used market too, I think it's a good way to go.

Definitely. If you monitor it closely you might get something absolutely stellar.

How should i check to see if a reddit user is reliable when on this subreddit?

Are you using RES? If so, make sure you are using the subreddit's default style in order to see the flair. Users will have a colored box next to their name with how many trades they have done. Again, just make sure that when you buy something you use a method that lets you protect your money eg paypal when paying with goods and services.

here you can see users' flair next to their name

Rocking a 3770k and an R9 270 (non X). Plays every game I own on ultra settings at 60fps or greater (barring ARMA 2-3).

Here is an excerpt from a piece I wrote a few months back for another site, comparing the 750ti and the R7 260x.

So you want a couple 580’s eh? Well let’s see what the GTX 580 has to offer. 512 CUDA cores, 1536MB of 384-Bit GDDR 5 VRAM, and a base clock speed of 772MHz. Not bad for 100$, but what else can 100$ buy you? The two cards that come to mind are the R7 260x and the GTX 750. Alright, that’s all fine and swell Damien, but are they any good? To answer that let’s see what each card has to offer. For the sake of comparing apples to apples, let’s start with the GTX 750. Sporting 640 CUDA cores, 5400MB of DDR5 VRAM, and a base clock speed of 1176MHz, already the GTX 750 is looking like a real contender to be sure. Furthermore, consider the architecture being used by each card. The GTX 580 is based on Nvidia’s Fermi architecture released in Q4 of 2009. By contrast the GTX 750 is based on the Nvidia’s Maxwell architecture released in Q1 of 2014. It goes without saying that Maxwell offers a verity of benefits over Fermi, chief among them being power consumption and heat production.


Alright, that’s good to know Damien, but what about R7 260x you mentioned? This is where things get tricky, trying to compare an AMD card to a Nvidia card based purely on specs is unrealistic. The technologies are completely different. That said though what does the R7 260x have to offer? This card sports 896 Stream Processors (not CUDA cores), 2GB of 128-BIT GDDR5 VRAM, and a base clock speed of 1050MHz. So how does this card compare to… oh say… the GTX 750? Well, based PURLY on synthetic benchmarks, it would appear the 750 marginally outperforms the R7 260x. Please reference:

Now having said all that, if you have the money, the R9 270 simply puts the rest of these cards to shame… and it is only an extra 50$. I have been rocking one of these for close to a year and have never had reason to regret it.

Granted, I own the ASUS iteration, your millage may vary.

Also LTT did a video on the subject matter worth a watch:

Thank, this is super helpful!