Deleted EFI parition on my macbook (with linux only)

Here's the situation. I'm only running Linux on my Macbook, removed OS X some time ago. I was in the process of installing OpenSUSE over Ubuntu. I stupidly enough deleted the EFI partition leftover from OS X. I've been googling around and I'm still not sure if I actually need that EFI partition when only running Linux. Can someone confirm or deny that?

Not gonna do any sort of booting before I know more, but Linux made no effort in stopping me from deleting the EFI partition. Hell, I even tried deleting the system partition before realizing (please don't judge)

The EFI partion is only useful if you plan on restoring OSX to the machine without an install drive. I kept mind as a "just in case" but OSX ISOs are easy to find so I wouldn't be too worried.

Source: running Opensuse on a Mac Mini