DEEPCOOL Gamer Storm Ark 90 EATX Case Review & Build | Level One Techs

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I don’t care so much for the glass or the liquid cooling. I just want the cheapest HUGE case with lots of airflow and allows a lot of configuration. Sadly, the huge motherboards are expensive. Also the huge cases (I assume) need a lot of reinforcement so bill of materials is huge?

I’m thinking cost because perhaps an expensive extended ATX motherboard is an incredibly stupid idea for an APU like the 2400G. I mean I have no intention to buy a GPU any time soon. I don’t know I’d buy a Vega 56 even if I could get it for sticker price of $399 today. One reason to go for a full size motherboard is to get more slots for RAM.

In any case, I’ll stop rambling for now. Thanks for reading.

I am confused. It is marketed as being able to support E-ATX on their website, specs and installation manual.
However you tried to put in an E-ATX board and it didn’t fit?
Is your board bigger than the E-ATX size of 305 x 330mm? Or is the hole smaller than 305 x 330mm?
Are there unofficial forms of E-ATX, such as Elongated-ATX or Extreme-ATX?

If you have time to burn, you could probably design and 3D print a bracket/shroud to lift up the radiator and create a cavity for the board to fit.

Edit… Your board was EEATX wasn’t it? :slight_smile:

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I thought everyone knew Asus don’t play well with ES Xeon’s :slight_smile:

Never had an issues with Gigabyte, Asrock & MSI.

E-ATX was mostly single CPU motherboards so X99 and the like and then you get the mahoosive server boards with multiple CPUs.

I’m just building another X99 system as the CPUs & boards are very reasonable now and the Kolink Observatory I’m going to use is E-ATX but they do state up to 27.9mm in their literature.

Is it just me or is the audio a little off… sounds kind of… “hollow” :confused:

So uh, little known fact… Sennheiser Wireless receivers send balanced XLR out what would have been the 2 channels for a 3.5’’ jack.

Plugging the Sennheiser directly into a camera’s stereo 3.5’’ will result with in-phase audio in the left channel, and reverse phase audio in the right channel.

In reality, if this is done, you just mute the right channel and duplicate the left channel.

Just a little bit of troubleshooting I know all too well, cause people assume all 3.5’’ jacks are the same.

But yeah, use Gigabyte and Asrock if you want to use a Xeon on a consumer board.