Deep Learning Box 2020 Edition

Hi all! I need a new Deep Learning box for my home-lab. The build is based on but since I would like to start streaming/video processing, I am in a bit of a pickle. Here are my doubts:

  • Target CPU: Threadripper (problem is which model)
  • Any recommendation for a motherboard capable of handling 4x GPUs?
  • I would love to buy an older TR series (I don’t need THAT many cores), but I also would like compatibility with the TRX40 Socket since if I have to splurge on a motherboard I would like some measure of future-proofing.
  • Should I stick with the Corsair Case or are there better newer cases?

Honestly would go lowest of current gen TR so 3960x would be the move if you dont need cores, but you could get away with older stuff if the budget is tight, but I would shoot for current gen if you can afford it

Not a thing, so if you go old your locked into 2990wx being your top end chip

Honestly doesnt matter, pick what fits you and your hardware, more air flow is better obviously.

I think that since the budget should unlock during summer I will either hope for a decline in prices or simply go for a cheap old gen TR + mobo and splurge more on juicy GPUs since a TR 3960x (sooo sexy though) + mobo here in Italy sets you back more than 2K meaning almost a Titan RTX or 2x 2080ti. I don’t have that much single threaded workload anyway and can take the hit in the time being, renovating the GPUs takes the priority (but I might be waiting for the new batch of Green Team GPUs).
I should take a look at the release calendar for AMD and NVIDIA and time the purchase accordingly.

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The No-show at CES tells me they currently are busy sitting on their mountain of gold.

Would not expect AMD to catch up for AI since the software is very CUDA focussed.

Not to mention a lot of schools using that for a lot of their work. Kind of sad to be honest

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