Deep Freezing Windows 8 PC for free

Ok so my buddy is not the greatest with computers. He always asks me to fix his computer because somehow he managed to screw it up again. To prevent this, I'd like to deep freeze it so that when it reboots, it boots to a fresh state without any malware or whatever he managed to find and install, minus the essential programs, Chrome, Skype etc. Does anyone know how I can do this on a Windows 8 machine for free? (Without piracy)



Idk if anyone has done this on 8 yet, but I'd say it's just as easy to create a recovery drive and automatic system restore points to revert back to a previous state.

In total:

  1. Recovery disks/drive
  2. System Restore Points
  3. Reset to factory default

Any one of these methods will be effective, keep in mind that the reset will be the longest as it fully scrubs the drive.

Ahh ok, thanks!

Easy Peasy, run a Linux recovery distro like HirensBoot Disk and fix it up. Alternatively you can reinstall it with all the drivers and only the software he needs. Make sure all the Windows updates are installed. Then download and burn a copy of Clonezilla and have a backup Hard drive. Make a restore image of the fresh system and store it on the drive. If his system gets screwed up again, just pop in the Clonezilla disc, plug in the external drive and restore the image.