Dedicated PhysX Card?

I have a Asus GTX 670 TOP 2GB in my system, it preforms well.However i was wondering if i put a GTX 650 that i have from a editing/rendering  build in and set it as a dedicated PhysX Card will this improve the preformance im games or will it bottleneck and just needlessly increase temps.

670 is in a 16x PCI-E Gen 3 slot

650 would be in a 8x PCI-E Gen 3 slot

It would mean not having my rendering build and encorperating it into my gaming system for a while but is it worth any realistic frame boost?


It won't damage your performance, but it won't really increase it too much. You could do it, and have the 670 be a bit more useful, but it would just clutter your case/motherboard, in my opinion.

It will depend on the game really. A game that is already taxing the Compute capabilities of your 670 will stand to benefit. A game that does not tax your 670 so much will likely leave your 670 with compute resources left over to handle the PhysX. Since the compute cores on your 670 are faster than those on the 650... you do the math.

What game is it? 

Well it varies, I play battlefield 3 hevily which i'm sure wont see any sort of a benifit in real world terms but I play Borderlands 2 often and also Planetside 2.

I'm assuming that Borderlands would benfit from the PhysX processing and when Planetside reimpliment PhysX that would see a boost. I'm not sure that at present it would show any noticable improvements

Still im wondering as a whole are dedicated PhysX cards a waste of time with newer, higher end GPU's (especially in the green camp) where the PhysX card ends up just cluttering up the case, drawing more power and producing more heat

I had a dedicated PhysX card (GTS 450) bundled with my AMD cards (using the GenL work around). I ended up getting rid of the Dedicated PhysX card. It now sits on my shelf. I find PhysX to be relatively useless. I find it to be more of a gimmick in the way it is being implemented (purposefully crippling CPU PhysX in order to falsely place nVIDIA in a good light).

Now what I just told you is a subjective opinion. That's the key here imo. It depends on the games you play. For Borderlands 2 I'm thinking that dedicated PhysX might boost performance a tad. Planetside 2 got rid of PhysX so I have no idea how they will be re-implementing it, if they even do.

I also cannot predict the future in terms of PhysX titles on the Horizon but given that games do tend to become ever more complex I would assume that a Dedicated card may be of great help in the very near future.


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